SM Strategy

To be effective, Social Media (SM) strategy must be integrated into the organization’s larger content strategy.

Promoting Events

In class we will discuss the Event Release assignment and writing models from recent issues of Espresso.


Focus the interview (and the writing) on your organization’s messaging objectives. 

Animation 101

As an introduction to GoAnimate, students will create an animated self-portrait (i.e. an avatar).


This assignment focuses on metadata and keywords, crucial tools needed to reach wider audiences on social media platforms. 

Captioning Video

Today we will review the requirements for the “Streaming Video” assignment and complete a workshop on YouTube captioning. 

Instagram 101

This assignment focuses on American attitudes toward Instagram and its parent company, Facebook.

Scheduling 1

This assignment introduces Hootsuite, a  platform used to coordinate and schedule social media content

Scheduling 2

We will not meet as a class. Instead, complete the assigned Hootsuite Academy training.

Facebook Analytics

Our final topic (and project) focuses on the use of data to document and evaluate the success of social media strategies.

Guest Speaker

In Fall 2018, CSU Social Media Manager Erin Fender spoke to the class about her job.

YouTube Analytics

In addition to demo-ing and discussing the tools available for YouTube, we also review for the final exam.