Scheduling 1

This assignment introduces Hootsuite, a  platform used to coordinate and schedule social media content


  • Create a free Hootsuite account associated with your real name or an assigned pseudonym. (Scroll to the bottom of the page to see option for the free version.)
  • Use your CSU email as the account email address.
  • Following the steps outlined in class and detailed in this video, connect your Hootsuite account to the three social media accounts you are using for this class:
    • YouTube
    • Facebook business page
    • Instagram
  • In the “Streams” section of Hootsuite, create a tab called “CMS 3720.”
  • Create a stream for each of the following:
    • YouTube “My Videos”
    • Facebook “Timeline”
    • Instagram “My Posts”
  • By the deadline, take and upload a screenshot like the one below to the “Scheduling 1” assignment drop box in Georgia View

Note that you must type your name into the URL bar before taking the screenshot.

Hootsuite streams example image
Don’t forget to add your name to the URL bar before taking the screenshot.