Facebook Analytics

Our final topic (and project) focuses on the use of data to document and evaluate the success of social media strategies.

The reading for this assignment will form the basis for a hands-on portion of our final exam.

Key Terms

  • Metrics: quantitative data that measures progress toward a particular goal. For example, the number of engagements that a single post generates is one measure of its effectiveness.
  • Analytics: the process of studying and drawing conclusions based on metrics. For example, analytics might determine that posts released between 5:00 and 10:00 p.m. generate more engagement than posts released during business hours.
  • Facebook Page Insights: A collection of analytic tools and display charts  that present metrics about a Facebook business page. Insights is visible only to page administrators.



Follow the directions presented in class and use this worksheet.  Upload the results to the “FB Analytics” Assignment drop box in D2L.