Writing Criteria

Evaluation of written work is based on the rubric  developed by the Departments of English and Teacher Education. Scores of 0-4 are earned for each of the following criteria.

  1. Content
  2. Development
  3. Organization
  4. Style
  5. Grammar, Mechanics, and Format

A PDF version of the complete writing rubric is available.

Translating rubric scores into percentages

For each of the five criteria, points are awarded as follows.

  • Perfect: 4 points
  • Excellent: 3.8 points
  • Good: 3.4 points
  • Proficient: 3 points
  • Marginal: 2.6 points
  • Non-proficient: 2.2 points

To calculate a percentage grade based on this scoring, divide the total number of points earned by 20. For example, an essay that scored a “perfect” 4 in each of the five criteria would earn a 20/20, or 100 percent. Work that scored “proficient” in all five criteria would earn at 15/20, or 75 percent.