Animation 101

As an introduction to GoAnimate, students will create an animated self-portrait (i.e. an avatar).

Note: Log into your GoAnimate account using the credentials published in the Georgia View Discussions panel and this URL:


Jerry dancing by A Student on GoAnimate


Following the steps presented in class, create a video and share it (within GoAnimate) with “Everyone.”

The video is due by Sunday at 10 p.m., and it should meet the criteria listed below.



The video should

  • Be exactly 25 seconds long
  • Include an avatar that resembles you and that differs significantly from GoAnimate’s stock characters
  • Include the avatar’s face (e.g. no face-obscuring masks or helmets)
  • Include your avatar in a a full-body shot (i.e. a long shot)
  • Position your avatar one-third of the way from the right side of the screen (This follows the rule of thirds and ensures that the GoAnimate watermark does not obscure your avatar.)
  • Include a completely blank, all-white background
  • Include at least one movement, but character must remain in one place (e.g. no walking)


You do not need to download your animation or re-submit it anywhere else. Instead, publish it within GoAnimate, and I will evaluate it on the site.