Online Etiquette

Discussion, chat, and email spaces within this course are for class purposes only, unless otherwise stated. Please remember to conduct yourself collegially and professionally. Remember also that what you say in the online environment is documented and not easily erased or forgotten.

The following guidelines apply:

  1. Avoid using ALL CAPS, sarcasm, and language that could come across as strong or offensive.
  2. Use proper punctuation, grammar and be sure to edit your contribution before posting.
  3. Read all postings before posting your responses to discussion topics so as to not unnecessarily repeat information.
  4. Keep chat comments brief and to the point.
  5. Focus on one topic at a time when chatting or posting to discussions.
  6. Remember that, unlike in face-to-face learning environments, what you say in discussions and chats is documented and available to be revisited. Choose your words and discussion topics carefully.
  7. Email should only be used for messages pertaining to the course. Please refrain from sending forwards, jokes, etc. within e-mail.