Rectangular Composition

Classic strategies of photographic composition will help you reach your social media audiences.

Social Media is visual media.



To complete this workshop, use the images from the “” file that is linked from our D2L Announcements panel.

Note that you must crop all images. (And if you used any of these images for the Event Release assignment, pick different image for this workshop.)

By the deadline, crop and submit five total images to the “Rectangular Composition Workshop” Discussion forum in D2L. To earn full points,

  • Each image should be cropped
  • Each image should be either a 2 x 3 or 3 x 2 ratio
  • Each image should be a minimum of 471 pixels wide
  • Each image should be uploaded to the appropriate topic in D2L

Image Content and Uploads

The images should demonstrate the following compositional strategies.

  1. Rule of Thirds: Upload your version of the sac4.jpg image to this discussion topic. Your image should feature the man in the blue t-shirt.

Pick any four of the remaining compositional strategies and edit an image to illustrate the strategy. Upload the image to the appropriate discussion topic.

  1. Symmetry
  2. Strong Diagonals
  3. Triangles
  4. Lead-In Lines
  5. Psychological Space