Facebook Images

We continue our discussion of Photoshop and size and formatting guidelines.



By the deadline, upload both the PSD and the JPG versions of an image that conforms to the requirements listed below. The image is intended to be used as the cover for the VPA Facebook page. The image must

  • Incorporate one or more of the images in the ZIP file linked from the Announcements panel in D2L
  • Be formatted as a JPG file
  • Be sized at 1640 x 624 pixels
  • Incorporate the text “Visual and Performing Arts”
  • Set the font of all text as Helvetica Neue Bold or Arial bold
  • Set the color of all text as either
    • white (rgb: 255, 255, 255);
    • Laker Blue (rgb: 9, 44, 116); or
    • Georgia Clay (rgb: 252, 103, 25)
  • Incorporate one graphic, either Dreams. Made Real or the CSU logo
  • Be effective when displayed at both
    • 820 x 312 pixels (ratio 205 x 78)
    • 640 x 360 pixels (ratio 16 x 9)

(By “effective,” I mean that faces and text should not be cut off when the image is displayed at either size. The FB Cover Mask file likely will be useful for this.)


Don’t forget to upload both the PSD and the JPG versions of your image to the “Facebook Images” assignment drop box in D2L.