Motion Aesthetics

This assignment focuses on criteria that distinguish effective animation videos.

In sum, effective animation videos are creative, controlled, and consistent.


The best videos support their brand (and fulfill other requirements) in an original and unexpected way. They avoid clichés and an over-dependence on templates.


Pixel-level precision may not always be obvious to viewers, but it communicates subliminally. With motion, control is communicated through the careful alignment of elements within a scene, in relation both to the frame and to one another. Likewise, alignment of elements from scene to scene avoids jump cuts and conveys a sense of polish and professionalism.


Microsoft Word now offers the choices of hundreds of fonts, but professionally produced documents rarely use more than two. Incorporating more than that results in designs that look amateurish and sloppy.

Motion should be treated in the same way. Don’t slap together a bunch of different types of movement, just because you can.


In class, create a video that offers the same advice and examples similar to this one.

Motion Aesthetics by Steve Spence on GoAnimate


You may use these logos in your video, or you may use any of the other props available within GoAnimate. To use the logos, right-click to download them to your Desktop and then upload them into GoAnimate using “Import Media.”