Animation 102

GoAnimate themes and scenes are the subject of this in-class workshop.


Create a four-scene video using the Video Infographics template. When complete

  • The video’s title should be “VPA data”
  • The dominant colors should be
    • White (ffffff)
    • Laker Blue (092c74)
    • Georgia Clay (fc6719)
  • Any accent colors should be taken from the secondary and accent colors listed on the Visual Identity page.
  • It should use Arial font
  • It should include one of the CSU logos linked from the Name & Seal Usage page, and its use of the logo should follow the guidelines presented on this page.
  • It should include a bar chart titled “Number of Majors” and subtitled “Fall 2018” with the following data
    • Perf. Arts, 88
    • Film, 171
    • CMS, 135
  • It should include a bar chart titled “Percentage Growth” and subtitled “Spring 2017 to Fall 2017” with the following data
    • Perf. Arts, 22
    • Film, 34
    • CMS, 13
  • It should include a final screen that includes the CSU logo and three text messages
    1. “Come grow with us!”
    2. “Visual and Performing Arts”
    3. “”
  • It should be shared with “Social Media for Pros” within GoAnimate

Sample Video

VPA data 2018 by Steve Spence on GoAnimate


Students may earn 1 point extra credit (for a total of 2) by meeting the requirements above in an original way. In other words, earn the bonus by creating a video that differs significantly from the one we completed in class, while still meeting all the requirements.