CMS 4500: Assignment Schedule

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01 7 Jan Start Here!

Each week’s work is divided into two assignments.

9 Jan Mobile Phones 1

This begins our study of this century’s most globally disruptive media technology.

02 14 Jan Mobile Phones 2

This assignment continues our study of mobile technology’s global impact.

16 Jan Globalization 101

Our textbook’s introduction offers some first thoughts about globalization and its definitions.

03 21 Jan Martin Luther King Memorial Holiday

No class.

23 Jan Martin Luther King

King was one of the first American thinkers to reckon with the forces that we now call globalization.

04 28 Jan Global Flows

Appadurai’s five “scapes” offer a framework for examining global flows and their impacts.

30 Jan Diversity Explosion

This assignment details recent demographic changes in the United States.

05 4 Feb Deterritorialization

“Deterritorialization” is a hallmark of globalization and a key driver of cultural identities worldwide.

6 Feb Globalized Islam

Recent shifts in two major world religions demonstrate the cultural impact of globalization.

06 11 Feb Globalized Christianity

“The era of Western Christianity has passed within our lifetimes, and the day of Southern Christianity is dawning” (430).

13 Feb Global production 1

The U.S. apparel company Nike helps to introduce a fundamental concept, the global commodity chain.

07 18 Feb Exam 1

The content and format of our three exams is detailed on a page linked from the navigation bar.

20 Feb Global production 2

A tale of two companies, Apple and Foxconn, one U.S. and one Chinese.

08 25 Feb Glocalization 1

Glocalization is a corporate strategy. The term, coined in the 1980s, combines “global” and “local.”

27 Feb Glocalization 2

“Glocalization” is often used to describe two distinct corporate strategies.

09 4 Mar Spring Break

No class

6 Mar Spring Break

No class

10 11 Mar Korean Wave

The South Korean popular music industry offers an excellent example of glocalization.

13 Mar Gangnam Style

“Gangnam Style” made the Korean Wave visible to many Americans.

11 18 Mar Korean Wave effects

This assignment considers the broader impact of the Korean Wave’s global popularity.

20 Mar McDonald’s in Hong Kong

“Indigenization” helps to explain the responses of Hong Kong locals to a foreign restaurant chain.

12 25 Mar Indigenization and Hip Hop

Hong Kong cinema’s impact on Hip Hop illustrates the often surprising outcomes of indigenization.

27 Mar La Haine

This 1995 French film continues our investigation into the cultural impacts of globalization

13 1 Apr Exam 2

The content and format of our three exams is detailed on a page linked from the navigation bar.

3 Apr Film Analysis

We will discuss the film analysis assignment.

14 8 Apr Maria Full of Grace

Appadurai’s scapes offer a useful framework for understanding this film’s major themes.

10 Apr Hindi Cinema 101

This assignment focuses on general characteristics of Hindi cinema.

15 15 Apr Devdas 1

The 2002 version of Devdas is one of Hindi cinema’s most successful and influential films.

17 Apr Devdas 2

This assignment continues our study of the 2002  Devdas

16 22 Apr Dancing Identities

“Bollywood dance” is used by diasporic communities to reinforce and negotiate their national identities.

24 Apr Final Exam Review

The exam will test major course objectives, concepts, and terms.