Dancing Identities

“Bollywood dance” is used by diasporic communities to reinforce and negotiate their national identities.


After completing this assignment, students should be able to

“Swaying to an Indian Beat”

  • Define and distinguish between Shresthova’s terms “Bollywood dance” and “Hindi film dance”
  • Define the two versions of “Dola Re Dola” that Shresthova analyzes [She discusses the first version on 94-96 and begins discussing the second on page 97]
  • Explain the purpose and the meanings that she argues are communicated by the two versions of the dance

Kruti Dance Academy

  • Identify Kruti Dance Academy and summarize the reasons for its fame
  • Identify the two types of dance practiced by Kruti


  • Sangita Shresthova, “Swaying to an Indian Beat”
    [PDF available in Georgia View “Content”]
  • Kruti Dance Academy home page

Viewing and Listening


  • Devdas and Shresthova