Mobile Phones 1

This begins our study of this century’s most globally disruptive media technology.


After completing this assignment, students should be able to

Chart: “Global ICT developments, 2001-2016”

  • Define and explain “ICT”
  • Define each of the following, summarize the trend-line for each from 2001-2016, and identify, within 10 percent, the percentage for each in 2016:
    • Mobile-cellular telephone subscriptions
    • Individuals using the Internet
    • Fixed-telephone subscriptions
    • Active mobile-broadband subscriptions
    • Fixed-broadband subscriptions

Chart: “Consumption Spreads Faster Today”

  • Identify the products and technologies listed that are ICTs
  • Identify the products and technologies that are in 95 percent or more of U.S. homes
  • Identify the difference in the shape of trend-lines evident between the last 20 years and most of the 20th century
  • Identify and explain the relative shapes of trend-lines for cell phones, Internet, and computers from 1990 to 2005



Complete the worksheet following the directions provided in class.