Globalized Islam

Recent shifts in two major world religions demonstrate the cultural impact of globalization. Further, these two readings offer concrete examples of deterritorialization and its effects on  fundamental notions of value, responsibility, and identity.


After completing this assignment, students should be able to correctly answer following questions. (Most of the following questions are taken from the study questions on page 455.)

  • What is “secularization”?
  • How has Islam become deterritorialized? (i.e. What forces caused this to happen?)
  • How is deterritorialization changing Islam?
  • Why do many Islamic radicals “feel themselves to be a minority in their own Muslim country”? What does this have to do with globalization?
  • Why does the author claim that “To be a Muslim in the West is not a schizophrenic experience”?
  • Why does the author think Islamic radicals “express a negative form of westernization”?
  • How does Trump characterize Muslim-Americans? American mosques?
  • How does Obama characterize Muslim-Americans? American mosques?




  • Globalized Islam