Indigenization and Hip Hop

Hong Kong cinema’s impact on Hip Hop illustrates the often surprising outcomes of indigenization.

These films definitely resonate a lot in the Black community. It’s the underdog thing, it’s the brotherly thing, and also I think it’s escapism, because you can go over there and watch these movies, and it’s not even America. It’s like a whole other world. (The RZA Interview)


After completing this assignment, students should be able to

  • Summarize the ideas presented in the quote above.
  • Identify other points made in the interview that elaborate on the points made in the quote above (e.g. when the RZA states that 36th Chamber was “the first film I had seen that was outside the scope of American history….”
  • Summarize the reasons that the RZA compares 36th Chamber to Rocky
  • Summarize the ways that martial arts films impacted the practices and social structures of b-boying in relation to
    • discipline
    • mentoring
    • crews
    • attitude
    • moves
  • Identify the artists discussed in class and in the lecture slides




  • Wu Tang Clan