CMS 3710: Schedule

This schedule is subject to change. Check here often (and/or in D2L Content) to make sure you have the most up-to-date information.

Week Class Dates Topics
01 15-Aug Syllabus
17-Aug Search Engines
02 22-Aug Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
24-Aug Keywords and Hyperlinks
03 29-Aug YouTube metadata
31-Aug YouTube captions
04 5-Sep ChatGPT and the end of web search
7-Sep Job ads and word cloud 1
05 12-Sep Job ads and word cloud 2
14-Sep ONLINE: AI-friendly resumés 1
06 19-Sep ONLINE: AI-friendly resumés 2
21-Sep LinkedIn and You
07 26-Sep LinkedIn and Text
28-Sep Writing for LinkedIn
08 3-Oct LinkedIn Head shots
5-Oct Exam 1
09 10-Oct Fall break
12-Oct Rhetoric
10 17-Oct Professional etiquette
19-Oct Editorial Style 1
11 24-Oct Editorial Style 2
26-Oct Social Media industry
12 31-Oct Social Media content strategy
2-Nov Social Media voices
13 7-Nov TikTok for business
9-Nov Content Management Systems
14 14-Nov WordPress Posts and Pages
16-Nov WordPress Themes and Menus
15 21-Nov TBD
23-Nov Thanksgiving break
16 28-Nov WordPress Widgets
30-Nov WordPress Embeds
17 07-Dec Final Exam, 10:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m., Carnes Hall 215