CMS 3710: Grades

Written Assignments

Evaluation and grading of written work is detailed on the Writing Criteria page. In addition, grades on major projects will be based on the criteria detailed on the project directions pages.

Final Grades

Final grades will be determined using the point system presented in Tables 1 and 2.

Table 1: Contributions to Final Grade
Workshops and quizzes 24 points
Job ads and word cloud 10 points
Resumé 10 points
LinkedIn text 10 points
LinkedIn headshot 10 points
Exam 1 16 points
Final Exam 20 points

The 12 “Workshops and quizzes” assignments are each worth 2 points and include work on your WordPress site.

Table 2: Final Grades
90-100 points A
80-89 points B
70-79 points C
60-69 points D
below 60 points F