CMS 3710: First Paragraphs

This is the first of two assignments that make up the food bank analysis.

Your grade on these paragraphs will count as 10 percent of your grade in the class.


Identify two specific ways that your food bank uses online images. They can be examples of effective or ineffective uses of images.

To earn full points,

  1. From our reading, pick two specific recommendations about the effective use of images. Don’t try to cover the entire chapter or your food bank’s entire online presence.
  2. Include six to eight sentences in each paragraph.
  3. Use the terms and concepts discussed in our textbook and class discussions. Cite your sources as specified in the Food Bank Analysis directions.
  4. Turn in the assignment by following the requirements listed below.

Note that this assignment is not an essay. Do not introduce your food bank or networked media more generally. Instead, pick two specific aspects of your food bank’s use of images (one for each paragraph) and focus from the first to the final sentence on that.

The site includes sample paragraphs.


For citations and other formatting issues, follow the directions outlined on the Food Bank Analysis page.

Your complete project must be submitted to the “First Paragraphs (Microsoft Word Document)” Dropbox in Georgia View by its listed deadline.

In addition, by the date the images must be

  • Uploaded as separate files to the “First Paragraphs (Images)” Dropbox in Georgia View. [DO NOT embed the images in an MS Word document.]
  • Formatted as JPG, GIF, or PNG
  • Labeled “Figure 1,” “Figure 2,” etc.

Submission in any other format will result in a 10-point grade penalty.