CMS 3710: Final Project

This is the second of two assignments that make up the Food Bank Analysis.


The minimum (i.e. “C” level) length for your analysis is 1,750 words. This will include two introductory paragraphs. In addition, your project must include

  • a minimum of five distinct areas of analysis (See the list in “Content and Purpose” below)
  • a minimum of five screen shots of content produced by the food bank (e.g. its web site, its Facebook page) that serve as evidence for your analysis (not merely as illustration)
  • MLA-formatted citations of our texts (see the food bank analysis page for details)

Writing your analysis

The recommendations made on the food bank analysis page should guide your completion of the final project. In addition, please note the following specific requirements for the final project.

Content and Purpose

To analyze both good and bad aspects of the site’s design, you will apply the guidelines presented by in class, by Gabriel-Petit, Widrich, and/or by Horton and Lynch.  Don’t waste time on minor points: your analysis should emphasize important aspects of web design as presented by our texts.

Note that you must focus on topics that we have discussed in class (not typography, for example). Aspects of food bank’s online presence that you might analyze include

  • Social Media
  • Images
  • Editorial Style
  • Video
  • Web Site Usability
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Color


Your complete analysis must be submitted to the “Food Bank Analysis (Microsoft Word Document)” Dropbox in Georgia View by its listed deadline.

In addition, by the date the images must be

  • Uploaded as separate files to the “Food Bank Analysis (Images)” Dropbox in Georgia View. [DO NOT embed the images in an MS Word document.]
  • Formatted as JPG, GIF, or PNG
  • Labeled “Figure 1,” “Figure 2,” etc.

Submission in any other format will result in a 10-point grade penalty.