Streaming Video

This assignment is changing for the Fall 2019 semester. I will update the requirements as we get closer to our section on the project.

Required Criteria

The video should

  • Use GoAnimate’s “Business Friendly,” “Video InfoGraphics,”  or “Whiteboard” themes
  • Follow the 2018 Video Treatment
  • Demonstrate a “Fast Start” (Horton and Lynch 366)
  • Include the video title as a lower third
  • Conform to the university’s mandated Visual Identity regarding fonts, colors, and logos
  • Be no less than 1:30 and no more than 3:00 minutes in length
  • Not include any robot narration
  • Include at least 10 seconds of recorded narration in your own voice
  • Include in the closing credits:
    • CSU Logo
    • Visual and Performing Arts
    • “Animation by” and the maker’s name or assigned pseudonym
    • (c) 2018

The video may use properly licensed music and/or sound effects. Videos that incorporate more than 30 seconds of effective narration in the maker’s voice will earn a bonus.

Submitting the Video

Fall 2018: First deadline Oct. 7

By the first deadline, share the video with the “Social Media for Pros” group within Go Animate.

Uploading to YouTube

Fall 2018: Second deadline Oct. 14

By the second deadline,

  • Use a YouTube account that includes your name or an assigned pseudonym
  • Upload the completed video with the title “Jump Start Your Career!”
  • Set the video’s status to “Public” or “Unlisted”
  • Categorize the video as “Education”
  • Include appropriate metadata, including effective
    • Title
    • Description
    • Tags
  • Include a link to in the description
  • Use YouTube’s closed captioning feature to include well-edited captioning
  • Add an informative thumbnail image
  • Submit your video’s URL to the “Streaming Video URL” Discussion topic on Georgia View


This one-page rubric summarizes the assignment requirements.

Example Videos

“The Power of Online Video” is a colorful and dynamic use of GoAnimate’s Infographics theme.

“The Now List” adds colorful imported images and uses the dynamic transitions available in GoAnimate’s Whiteboard theme.

“What’s MailLift” mixes character animation from GoAnimate’s “Business Friendly” theme, custom images, and an engaging, energetic voice over.