CMS 3720: Content Strategy document


Use Adobe Illustrator to create two illustrations for a Content Strategy document that serves as a guide for VPA content creators.


You are contributing to a set of guidelines for people who will be creating content for the department’s four primary communications channels:  Facebook, Instagram, Espresso, and the VPA web site. To better understand the function of this document, imagine that I will give a photocopy to everyone whose job involves posting something in the department’s channels.

Your job is to study the assigned reading (available as a PDF in D2L) and the notes you took in class, and then boil down this information into two graphics that offer guidance for VPA content creators. (Note that you should not refer to these creators by name in the document.)

Graphic 1

This graphic resembles Figure 1.5 in Lynch and Horton’s Web Style Guide, 4th ed. It illustrates the importance of segmenting content and defines the segments necessary to efficiently support all four of the department’s primary channels. It emphasizes that all content produced for VPA should include

  • Title
  • Author
  • High-resolution image (either landscape or portrait)
  • Thumbnail image (square)
  • Image credits
  • Summary text (100 characters or fewer)
  • Long text (250-500 words)
  • Hashtags
  • Mentions
  • URLs

A pull quote in your graphic should add, “Additional images and/or video are always welcome!”

Attribution text in the graphic should include “Design © Jane Doe, 2019” and “This graphic is based on Figure 1.5 in The Web Style Guide, 4th ed., by Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton.”

Graphic 2

This is an annotated example of an Instagram post. It illustrates and offers guidance on the following elements.

Summarize the kinds of images that best support the VPA brand. This will be one of the longest annotations.
Note that images created by students should include their name and copyright information, if the student requests the credit.
Summarize the best practices (including length) for Instagram captions. This should be one of the longest annotations.
Names of pictured students
Note that we need releases for all students unless they are participating in a production that advertises their involvement.
Define, recommend the number, and the best types of emoji.
Hashtags and Mentions
Define and summarize the importance of hashtags and mentions. Note that #claytonstateVPA and @claytonstateuniv are required. Offer examples of additional useful hashtags and mentions.
Likes and Comments
Summarize the “virtuous cycle” created by Likes and Comments. Encourage professors to create their own Instagram accounts and to engage with the department’s content and community. (Remind them not to overdo it.)

Attribution text in the graphic should include “© Jane Doe, 2019.”


  • All artwork in your Illustrator file should be embedded rather than linked.
  • Both graphics should conform to the university’s Visual Identity guidelines. To expand your range of color choices, you may use lighter variants of Laker Blue, Georgia Clay, or the secondary colors.
  • Turn off hyphenation in all text boxes.
  • Each graphic may be either portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Each graphic should be sized to fit on a single 8.5″ x 11″ page. Each should have 0.25″ gutters on all four sizes
  • Both graphics should be submitted in a single Adobe Illustrator file titled
  • Submit the file to the “Content Strategy Graphics” assignment drop box in D2L.

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Adobe and others have created video tutorials that may be useful in completing the project.