Content Strategy document


Use Adobe Illustrator to create two illustrations for a Content Strategy document that serves as a guide for VPA content creators.


You are contributing to a set of guidelines for people who will be creating content for the department’s four primary communications channels:  Facebook, Instagram, Espresso, and the VPA web site.

To better understand the function of this document, you might imagine that I will give a photocopy to everyone whose job involves posting something in the department’s social media channels.

Your job is to study the assigned reading (available as a PDF in Georgia View) and the notes you took in class, and then boil down this information into a set of clear recommendations for VPA content creators. (Note that you should not refer to these creators by name in the document.)

Image 1

This image resembles Figure 1.5 in Lynch and Horton’s Web Style Guide, 4th ed. It illustrates the importance of segmenting content and defines the segments necessary to efficiently include that content in all of the department’s four channels. [More to come.]

Image 2

This is an annotated example of an Instagram post. It illustrates the major elements [More to come.]


Both images should conform to the university’s Visual Identity guidelines.

Both images should be 8.5 x 11 inches, and should be submitted in a single Adobe Illustrator file.

[More to come.]