CMS 3720: Media Kit

Create a media kit that meets or exceeds the minimums detailed below.

Media kits are defined and discussed in the article How to Create an Influencer Media Kit. The demo kit used in this article, and many other real-world examples, are included in the D2L content module “Example Media Kits.”

To complete your kit, imagine that you are a content creator who maintains a blog and/or a presence on at least three social media channels. The follower count on your most popular channel is between 10,000-50,000, which makes you a Micro-influencer. You can make up the details and data necessary to complete the kit, and you may use (legally licensed) stock photography from Flickr, etc.

Of course, you also may use your own channels, data, and imagery if you already have them.

Project minimums

  • Four pages, including the cover
  • An “About” paragraph describing your topic(s) and approach
  • Three channels (see below)
  • Six photographs
  • Six data sets
  • Contact information
  • Two packages, including prices, for collaborations


Pick at least three.

  • Web site (e.g. blog)
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

Format and Submission

Use Canva to create the project.

By the due date, submit a PDF version of the project to the “Media Kit” assignment drop box in D2L.