Using Hootsuite, create and schedule seven posts to appear on each day of the assigned week at the assigned hour.

In Fall 2019, the assigned dates are November 24-30, 2019. You can find your assigned time in the Announcements panel in Georgia View.


For the purposes of this assignment, pretend that you are creating and scheduling posts that will appear on the Dept. of Visual and Performing Arts Facebook and Instagram accounts.


In addition to the video and images discussed below, each post should include appropriate text. For example, all text should follow the 4 Cs and support the department’s brand. Each post’s caption should include appropriate @ links, URLs, and hashtags.

Platforms and Timing

Post 1 will be a post that includes one of the square images that you created for our Square Images assignment. It should appear on your Facebook business page.

Posts 2-7 will include the square images that you created for our Square Images assignment. They should appear on the Instagram account you have created for this class.

All seven posts must appear on the right platform and at the scheduled time to earn full credit for this assignment.


Once you have scheduled all seven posts, capture a screenshot of Hootsuite’s “Publisher > Scheduled” panel that includes

  • Your name in the URL box
  • The three channels you have linked to your HootSuite account
  • All seven posts

Submit this screenshot to the “Scheduling Project” assignment drop box in D2L.

The image should look like the one below. (Change “Steve Spence” to your first and last name.)