CMS 4804: Schedule

Week Date Topic Notes
01 10-Aug Some key terms Survey 1: What’s Your Platform
  12-Aug Introductions  
02 17-Aug Passage Survey 2: Streaming Services
  19-Aug Narrative Architecture 1  
03 24-Aug Narrative Architecture 2  
  26-Aug Game Space includes The Last of Us and space
04 31-Aug Dramatic Games  
  2-Sep Writing and Narrative Design  
05 7-Sep Children of Men  
  9-Sep Frames and Games  
06 14-Sep Character Roles and Goals 1 “Interesting Characters” discussion due
  16-Sep Character Roles and Goals 2 Last of Us video upload due
07 21-Sep Performance Capture  
  23-Sep Game mechanics 1 “Unusual Mechanics” discussion due
08 28-Sep Game mechanics 2  
  30-Sep Exam 1 Bring pencils!
09 5-Oct Theme  
  7-Oct Satire  
10 12-Oct Genres 101  
  14-Oct Genres: Gangster  
11 19-Oct Genres: Western GTA 5 video upload due
  21-Oct Spider-Man Genres in/and “Into the Spider-verse”
12 26-Oct Gamergate 1  
  28-Oct Gamergate 2  
13 2-Nov Gamergate 3  
  4-Nov Player experience 1  
14 9-Nov Player experience 2  
  11-Nov Player experience 3 Player Experience essay due Nov. 15
15 16-Nov TBD  
  18-Nov Final Exam Bring pencils; RDR2 video upload due