CMS 4804: Course Info.

Course Number and Title

CMS 4804 Selected Topics

Course Description

Seminar in Communication and Media Studies topics.

This seminar focuses on recent video games that use storytelling techniques similar to those found in film and television, fiction, and graphic novels.


  • Junior-level standing
  • Open elective for CMS, English, and Film majors

Credit Hours

3 credit hours (3-0-3)

Course Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, students will be able to

  • identify and describe the factors that shape effective storytelling in video games, including game play as well as contextual and aesthetic factors
  • identify and describe common narrative elements (e.g. plot, setting, character, and genre) as they manifest in video games, including their similarities to and differences from other narrative media
  • demonstrate their knowledge through small-group discussions, written analysis, and the creation of short videos, both individually and in groups

Program Learning Outcomes

The goals for CMS 4804 align with goals 2, 3, and 4 of the CMS program outcomes.

Reading and Writing Proficiency

CMS 4804 is a specialized class designed for students preparing for careers as professional  communicators. Students with a shaky grasp of grammar, mechanics, or reading comprehension should plan to spend multiple hours working with tutors in the A&S Writers’ Studio and/or the Center for Student Success.

The Writers’ Studio is located in the A&S building, room 224, and its tutors are also available on Teams. In the studieo you can talk with trained writing tutors about your writing projects. They are available to work with you at any stage of your assignment, from generating ideas to organizing your writing to understanding how to format it correctly. The service is free; you may drop in and wait for a tutor or sign up for a regular appointment. But remember: you, not your tutor, are ultimately responsible for the quality and content of the work that you submit.