CMS 4610: Course Info.

Course Number, Title, Description

CMS 4610 Social Media
This course focuses on emerging definitions, theories, and practices of social media. It surveys different platforms and investigates contemporary uses of social media by individuals and institutions. In addition, it includes hands-on experience and production techniques using selected platforms.

CRN, times, and classroom

  • CRN: 28127
  • 100% online using D2L courseware, asynchronous

Credit Hours

3 credit hours (3-0-3)

Goals and Outcomes

The course goals align with program outcomes 1-5 of the Communication and Media Studies (CMS) program. Through successful completion of the readings, screenings, class discussions, and assignments, students demonstrate high-level reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.

In addition, successful completion of the course demonstrates an understanding of the ways that media shape our knowledge of and responses to both contemporary and historical events.

Reading and Writing Proficiency

This course is designed for advanced students preparing for careers as professional writers and communicators. Both the reading and the writing assignments demand a high level of proficiency and sophistication. Students should carefully consider whether or not such a course best suits their needs. Students with uncertain writing skills should plan to spend several hours each week working with tutors in the A&S Writers’ Studio and/or the Center for Student Success.

The Writers’ Studio is located in the A&S building, room 224. There you can talk with trained writing tutors about your writing projects. They are available to work with you at any stage of your project, from generating ideas to organizing your assignment to understanding how to format it correctly. The service is free; you may drop in and wait for a tutor or sign up for a regular appointment. But remember: you, not your tutor, are ultimately responsible for the quality and content of the writing you submit.