CMS 4610: Assignments

Weekly Assignments

Our work each week is divided into 3 to 4 D2L Content modules, and most modules include a quiz. As a result, you should plan to complete 3-4 quizzes or other assignments each week.


The deadlines for all quizzes are on Monday by 11:59 p.m.

Most modules include an 5-10 question quiz on the assigned readings and recordings.  Because each week is divided into four modules, you will complete three to four quizzes each week.

The question format varies, including short answer, fill in the blank, paragraph, multiple choice, etc.

If you do not complete a quiz during the required time frame, you will not be able to take it at a later time. See our General Class Policies page for further information.

Preparing for the Quizzes

The quizzes are challenging, and students often ask how they can improve their scores. Here is my advice, which will improve your mastery of the material and therefore your quiz scores:

  1. Read or view the assigned texts thoroughly, taking notes. Often, this requires multiple readings or screenings.
  2. Carefully read the accompanying study guides. These too will repay re-reading.
  3. While taking notes on the assigned texts
    • Pay attention to form as well as content. What are the major components of the piece, and how are they organized? (In written texts, subheadings often offer a rough outline of the author’s argument.)
    • Make sure that you recognize the names of the primary agents (e.g. organizations, authors, leaders, antagonists) and places.
    • Think about the historical and discursive contexts that shaped the material.
    • Make a special effort to connect this material to topics and materials that we have already covered.
  4. Think through and freewrite about the questions and comments posed by me and by your peers on our discussion boards. Writing your own careful response to others’ ideas helps cement the material in memory.


In addition to the weekly assignments, students complete three projects focusing on YouTube.

  1. YouTube Inspiration
    (See D2L Discussion for details)
  2. YouTube script
    (See D2L Assignment drop box for details)
  3. YouTube posting
    (See D2L Discussion for details)