CMS 4610: Schedule

This schedule is subject to change. Check here often (and/or in D2L Content) to make sure you have the most up-to-date information.

All content, including quizzes and discussions, opens seven days before the listed due dates. Use your time wisely by spacing our your work on the modules over the course of the week.

Week Due Date Assignment
01 May 30 Start Here!
Network Effects
02 June 6 Platforms as businesses
Businesses on platforms
Influence and Advertising
03 June 13 Celebrity
Generation Like
Why media spreads
04 June 20 Activism
05 June 27 Moderation
“Nose Dive”
06 July 4 Mobile 1
Mobile 2
Surveillance Capitalism 1
07 July 11 Surveillance Capitalism 2
YouTube Screenings
Scripting your episode
08 July 18 Shooting your episode
Uploading your episode
Review for Exam
09 July 25 Final Exam