CMS 4610: Final Exam

The format for the final exam will be similar to that of the quizzes. The exam will be cumulative, covering all assigned reading, discussions, films and videos.

The exam will be broken into three separate “quizzes” accessed through the D2L Quiz tool.

Video Monitoring

You must use a webcam to take the exam, along with the Respondus Lockdown Browser.

I have created a separate, “Final Exam Tech Check” quiz, which you can take at any time to confirm that your webcam is working and that your laptop can access the exams.

Academic Misconduct

To avoid earning an “F” in the course, remember the following rules regarding the exam.

  • You may not collaborate with anyone in any way during the exam
  • You may not access any outside materials, including notes, books, or Internet sources
  • You must be visible on the webcam during the entire exam, and you cannot  turn off the webcam at any point

Further information about academic misconduct is available on our General Class Policies page.