CMS 4610: Exams

Exam 1

More to come

Final Exam

The final exam will consist of short essay questions. The questions will require you to write a paragraph of 4-6 sentences. Use specific detail from the texts and films to support your answer. (If someone could have written the paragraph without studying our readings and discussions, it is not specific enough.)

A note on plagiarism: Because I have had to fail students in the past for problems on a similar final exam, I want to stress that all work must be your own. Do not consult any sources other than our readings, and cite the author’s name or the title of the text when you borrow ideas from it. I do not require or expect direct quotes from our readings. However, if you choose to include any direct quotes (i.e. any language written by another author), use quotation marks and cite both the author and the page number.

Exam Questions

The exam questions will cover the following topics.

Final Exam 1 (Essay; 15 minutes)
The topic will be a general question about social media.
Final Exam 2 (Essay; 15 minutes)
Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry (film)
Final Exam 3 (Essay; 15 minutes)
Employers and Privacy