User-Centered Design

“People are the key to successful web projects at every stage of development” (Lynch and Horton 6).


After completing this assignment, students should be able to

  • Define and explain the importance of “UX”
  • Offer reasons that, despite its importance, UX is often ignored
  • Recognize and summarize the core attributes of good UX
  • Define and distinguish accessibility, usability, and universal design
  • Recognize new examples of accessibility, usability, and universal design
  • Explain the common link between accessibility and universal design
  • Define and distinguish the ways that designers can support adaptation
  • Recognize new examples of flexibility, user control, keyboard control, and text equivalents


  • “Adopt a User-Centered Approach”Β  through “Accessible User Experience” (Lynch and Horton 6-14)
  • Lecture Slides: User-Centered Design