Pick your site

Complete our first survey and choose your food bank web site.

Why foodbanks?

Foodbanks perform critical service in almost every community in the country. As Feeding America estimates, about 42 million Americans struggle with hunger at some point during the year. The diagram above, from the Atlanta Community Food Bank, helps to explain how foodbanks work.

So why focus this project on foodbanks and their web sites? Three reasons:

  • Foodbanks are doing important work throughout the country
  • An central aspect of their work is communication – Foodbanks raise awareness about hunger and organize efforts to combat it
  • Their web sites are about the right size for a project of this scope

Discussion Posting

To avoid losing points, carefully study the “Selecting Your Site” section of our Site Analysis directions before completing this assignment.

Once you have made your choice, post it in the “Food Bank Choices” topic of our Georgia View Discussion section.


Complete the “Media Use” survey, which is available in Georgia View “Content.”