First Paragraphs

Analyze images from your food bank web site by applying the recommendations and guidelines detailed in our textbook.

This assignment will serve as the First Paragraphs project. In other words, your grade on these paragraphs will count as 15 percent of your grade in the class. Carefully study the Site Analysis directions as well as the directions below before completing this assignment.

Identify two specific ways that your food bank web site uses images. They can be examples of effective or ineffective uses of images.

To earn full points,

  1. Pick two specific recommendations and write only about them. Don’t try to cover the entire chapter or your food bank’s entire web site.
  2. Include six to eight sentences in each paragraph.
  3. Use the terms and concepts discussed in our textbook and class discussions.
  4. Turn in the assignment by following the requirements listed below.

Note that this assignment is not an essay. Do not  introduce your website or web design more generally. Instead, pick two specific aspects of your site’s use of images (one for each paragraph) and focus from the first to the final sentence on that.

The site includes sample paragraphs.

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By the deadline,

  1. Submit your Microsoft Word compatible file to the “First Paragraphs (Word document)” Assignment submission folder.
  2. Label the images that you discuss “Figure 1,” “Figure 2,” etc.
  3. Upload the images to the “First Paragraphs (Images)” Assignment submission folder. [The images must be formatted as either GIF, JPG, or PNG files.]