CMS 4500: Grades

Written Assignments

Evaluation and grading of written work, including the film analysis, is detailed on the Writing Criteria page.

Final Grades

Final grades will be determined using the weighted average presented in Table 1. Letter grades are assigned as detailed in Table 2. In borderline cases (e.g. an 89 average),  class participation will be the deciding factor.

Table 1: Percentages of Final Grade
Quizzes 25 %
Workshops 10 %
Exam 1 20 %
Exam 2 20 %
Final Exam 25 %
Table 2: Grading Percentages
90-100 percent A
80-89 percent B
70-79 percent C
60-69 percent D
below 60 percent F


All assignments must be submitted in the assigned format at the beginning of class on the scheduled due date.  Detailed
information is available on the individual project pages. All written assignments must conform to the style guidelines published by the MLA, as detailed in our handbook.

Copies & Completeness

Please note: Success in this class includes demonstrating your ability to use electronic technologies to accomplish professional tasks. Any variation of “The computer ate my homework” will not be acceptable.

Students must keep a copy of each out-of-class assignment until the original is returned. I strongly recommend making both paper copies and multiple backups of  electronic files. (Keep backup files on a flash drive in addition to those on your computer’s
hard drive.)

All writing assignments must be completed for a grade in order to earn a final grade other than F.

Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty

Plagiarism and academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Information about the penalties for academic dishonesty is presented on the syllabus Policies page.