CMS 4500: Schedule

This schedule summarizes the Content modules available in our D2L site. The schedule is subject to change, so please check D2L Content and/or this page regularly to make sure that you have the most recent information.

Week Date Topic
01 16-Aug Roosevelt Giles
18-Aug Mobile Phones 1
02 23-Aug Mobile Phones 2
25-Aug Globalization 101
03 30-Aug Martin Luther King
1-Sep Global Flows
04 6-Sep Diversity Explosion
8-Sep Deterritorialization
05 13-Sep Globalized Christianity
15-Sep Exam 1
06 20-Sep Global production 1
22-Sep Global production 2
07 27-Sep Glocalization 1
29-Sep Appropriation
08 4-Oct TikTok
6-Oct Imperialism
09 11-Oct Fall Break
13-Oct Devdas 1
10 18-Oct Hindi Cinema 101
20-Oct Devdas 2
11 25-Oct Dancing Identities
27-Oct Exam 2
12 1-Nov Transnational Hollywood
3-Nov Korean Wave
13 8-Nov Gangnam Style
10-Nov Korean Wave effects
14 15-Nov Netflix
17-Nov Glocalization 2
15 22-Nov Indigenization and Hip Hop
24-Nov Thanksgiving
16 29-Nov La Haine
1-Dec Final Exam