CMS 4500: Explainer Video

In Spring 2020, students will not complete this assignment.

Students will create materials for an animated video or a Instagram-style story that explains the importance of a recent film with significant international success. Details will appear here later in the semester.

(We used GoAnimate in the past, but that platform is no longer available so the assignment needs to change.)


In Spring 2020, students will not complete this assignment.


The video should summarize the global impact (financial and/or cultural) of a film released in 2018.

Note that the video should not simply summarize the movie’s plot. The focus should be on the reasons that the movie is important rather than what happened in the story.


Required Criteria

These criteria will change as the assignment evolves.

The video should

  • Follow the 2019 Video Treatment [to come]
  • Demonstrate a “Fast Start” (WSG)
  • Include the video’s title as a “lower third” (WSG)
  • Conform to the university’s mandated Visual Identity regarding fonts, colors, and logos
  • Be no less than 1:00 and no more than 2:00 minutes in length
  • Not include any robot narration
  • Include at least 30 seconds of recorded narration in your own voice
  • Include closing credits listing all sources of information and media taken from outside sources
  • Include in the final screen:
    • CSU Logo (formatted as prescribed)
    • Visual and Performing Arts
    • “Created by” and the maker’s name
    • (c) 2019

The video may use video footage, music, and sound effects taken from any source. All sources must be included in the closing credits.

A note about YouTube: If you anticipate using the video as a portfolio item, remember that YouTube often automatically blocks or mutes videos that include anything other than public domain music and/or sound effects.

Submitting the Video