CMS 4500: Current Event Analysis

The due date for your assignment can be found in Georgia View, in the Announcements tool.

  1. Find a recent news story that relates directly to one or more of our assigned readings. The story must
    1. must be published in a major international newspaper, or in one of four national newspapers.
    2. must have been published in the past 12 months
  2. Tweet a link to the story from your Twitter account.
  3. Include in the tweet a explicit reference to our assignment materials as well as a concrete explanation of the story’s relevance to our class
  4. Important: Include the #cms4610 hash tag in your tweet.

Remember that Step 3 in the list above is crucial, and it’s also hard: doing everything else and linking your story to our class material—all in 280 characters or less—will take some careful writing and editing. The clearer the link, the better your grade for this assignment. The image below demonstrates the kind of explicit link that I am expecting.

Major National Newspapers

To earn full points on this assignment, your article must appear in the web site of a major national newspaper. In the United States, four newspapers qualify:

Many important international newspapers are published in English, and they also would be excellent choices for this assignment. Among many others, these include


Your post(s) will be evaluated based on the writing criteria. Please note that