Start Here!

Welcome to our class, CMS 4820 The Music of Black Power.

This first assignment consists of four tasks.

(1) Reading

(2) Quiz

  • Syllabus Quiz

(Note that each week’s quizzes are always due by 10 p.m. on Sunday.)

(3) Introductions

Write and post two paragraphs about yourself to complete the “Introductions” assignment found in Georgia View Discussions.

(4) Add Profile Picture to Georgia View

Steve SpenceAdd a picture to your profile by logging into Georgia View and following β€œMy Home > Profile > Change Picture.”

I recommend that you use a picture of your face, but you do not have to do so. Whatever you choose, remember that this picture will be your β€œavatar” within our online community. Pick something that you want the rest of us to have as a mental image of you.

[I ask you to do this because it helps us all remember that there are real people behind the words and opinions we are seeing online.]