Missy and Nicki

In ways different and similar, two artists have made their mark in 21st-century  commercial rap music. Both Missy Elliott and Nicki Manaj have mobilized fashion as a key tool and weapon in their efforts to succeed in – and to change – the music industry.

According to Theresa Renee White, both artists have

in some ways succumbed to, but also managed to challenge the stereotypical sexual image of Black women in hip-hop through their unique fashion aesthetic….[T]hese African American women have redefined their own sexuality, taken agency and written their own script.


  • Summarize White’s argument about the ways that Elliott and Minaj have “succumbed to” the gender stereotypes common in commercial hip hop (621)
  • Summarize White’s argument about the ways that both Elliott and Minaj have “written their own script” through a “unique fashion aesthetic” (621)
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  • Theresa Renee White, “Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliott and Nicki Minaj: Fashionistin’ Black Female Sexuality in Hip-Hop Culture—Girl Power or Overpowered?”
    [PDF available in Georgia View “Content”]



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