Color Harmony

For centuries, designers have sought to define the laws governing colors that work together in harmony.

RGB Color Wheel
Figure 1: Use this color wheel to complete the workshop.



  1. Download or screenshot a selection from your food bank site that demonstrates its color scheme. (This may include the logo itself, menu bars, etc.)
  2. Open Georgia View and upload the image to the “Color Harmony” assignment drop box (GIF, PNG, or JPG files only).
  3. In the Comments section of the “Submit Files” window, include a complete, grammatically correct sentence that defines and explains the color scheme.

Workshop Example

Figure 2: ACFB web site header

Figure 2 includes both the logo and the primary navigation menu from the old version of the ACFB web site. A sentence explaining Figure 2 might read something like:

“Blue and green are close to one another on the color wheel, so  this web site header demonstrates an analogous color scheme.”

Figure 3 below shows the Comments section where you should include your sentence.

Color Harmony Drop Box
Figure 3: Georgia View “Submit Files” screen