CMS 2015: Grades

Final Grades

Final grades will be determined using the points system presented in Table 1. Letter grades are assigned as detailed in Table 2.

Table 1: Points toward Final Grade

Syllabus Quiz (1 quiz @ 1 point each)1
Discussion Forums (15 forums @ 2 points each)30
Selfie Assignment (1 assignment @ 4 points each)4
Project Assignments (13 assignments @ 5 points each)65

Table 2: Grading Scale

90-100 pointsA
80-89 pointsB
70-79 pointsC
60-69 pointsD
below 60 pointsF


All assignments must be submitted in the assigned format by the scheduled due date. Detailed information is available in D2L.

Deadlines and Late Work

As emphasized in the Course Overview video in our first D2L Content module, I do not accept assignments submitted after their due dates. The grade for work turned in after the deadline will be a zero.

Creative professionals must make their deadlines, and this policy is intended to help you cultivate that habit. The best strategy is to set your own, early deadlines several days before the “real” deadline. Since all of our assignments are due by Monday 11:59 p.m., for example, you could plan to complete your assignments by 5 p.m. on the previous Friday.

Copies and Completeness

Please note: Success in this class includes demonstrating your ability to use electronic technologies to accomplish professional tasks. Any variation of “The computer ate my homework” will not be acceptable.

Students should download and keep a copy of each assignment until final grades are submitted. I strongly recommend making multiple backups of electronic files. (Keep backup files on a thumb drive or your campus OneDrive account in addition to those on your computer’s hard drive.)

Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty

Plagiarism and academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Information about the penalties for academic dishonesty is presented on the syllabus Policies page.