CMS 2015: Course Info.

Course Number and Title

CMS 2015 Visual Communication

Course Description

This course covers the principles of visual literacy and basic techniques in the production of media content, with focus on visual awareness, composition, aesthetics, and processing as key elements in effective communication.


  • ENGL 1001 (C)

Credit Hours

3 credit hours (3-0-3)

Program Learning Outcomes

CMS 2015 is the core class in the Communication and Media Studies (CMS) program, and its goals align the first of the CMS program outcomes. Through successful completion of the course, students will learn to communicate effectively using multiple channels of communication.

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will learn fundamental principles of visual communication, including visual literacy, rhetoric, and aesthetics.
  2. Students will learn how to critically analyze visual media texts.  
  3. Students will apply principles of visual literacy to the production of media texts.
  4. Students will understand the evolution of visual communication over the course of history, with emphasis on the impact of modern technology on the creation of visual media.