CMS 4820: CMS 4820 Schedule

Due Topics Assignments
Aug. 17 Music and the Movement Bernice Johnson Reagon
Favorite medium Discussion
Aug. 24 Between the World and Me 1 Coates part 1
Coates and Media listening, reading, viewing
Aug. 31 Stereotypes, Slavery, and Segregation Rhodes chap. 2
Stereotypes on Television Torres intro.; Color Adjustment 1
Sept. 7 Labor Day n/a
โ€œAwakeningsโ€ and Sit Ins Eyes on the Prize 1 and 3
Sept. 14 Martin Luther King, 1963 Eyes on the Prize 4; Cobo Hall
SCLC and Television Torres chap. 1; Selma
Sept. 15 Exam 1 Face-to-face; time and place TBD
Sept. 21 Malcolm X Eyes on the Prize 7; “Message to the Grassroots”
Black Power Eyes on the Prize 9
Sept. 28 Politics of Self-Representation Rhodes chapter 4
Black Power in California Black Power Mixtape
Oct. 5 “A Nation of Law?” Eyes on the Prize 12
Black Panther Party, 1968 Rhodes chap. 5
Oct. 12 Revolution (Un)televised Color Adjustment 2
“Two Societies” Eyes on the Prize 8
Oct. 19 Eyes on the Prize as movement text TBD
Oct. 26 Black Power in Public Memory Rhodes chap. 1
Forrest Gump, Panther, Malcolm X film clips
Nov. 2 Deindustrialization and Hip-hop Rose
Nov. 3 Exam 2 Face-to-face; time and place TBD
Tupac Shakur Dimitriadis 5; playlist
Nov. 9 Coates, Between the World and Me Coates part 2
Social Media and Black Lives Matter news articles; Coates interview
Nov. 16 CryptoHarlem podcast interview
ย Nov. 30 Final Exam (Online –ย  D2L)