Syllabus quiz

This is the first online assignment for the hybrid  class.

To complete this assignment, study all pages of our syllabus, including the pages linked from the “General Policies & Resources” menu that is included on every page. Then complete the “Syllabus” quiz on Georgia View before its listed due date.

Two sections, two formats

CMS 3710 is taught in two formats. Some students are enrolled in the online section, which meets face-to-face only for exams. Other students are enrolled in the hybrid version of the course, which meets twice a week and is 34% online.

All assignments are the same for both sections, though the manner through which they are completed may sometimes vary.

For hybrid students, as a substitute for the Friday class meetings of a traditional MWF class, each week students will complete individual assignments using  tools including Georgia View, Codecademy, and WordPress. These online assignments are always due by Sunday at 10 p.m.


  • All pages of the syllabus


  • Syllabus