SM Portraits

Have someone take your portrait, dressed professionally. (No selfies!)

Your image should resemble the right-hand image on page 358 in our textbook.

Excerpt from Figure 12.5 (Lynch and Horton 358)


Submit your image by uploading it to the “Introduction Portraits” Assignment drop box on Georgia View.


As you upload the image, include in the “Comments” box the text introduction that someone else wrote for you. (You can find the text in the D2L “Introductions” discussion thread.)

Full Credit

The image should

  • be a closeup (i.e. include only head and shoulders)
  • have a horizontal orientation (width greater than height)
  • be evenly lit, with no strong shadows
  • conform to the “rule of thirds” (Lynch and Horton 363)
  • avoid “busy,” distracting backgrounds
  • include the text introduction that you wrote earlier this semester
  • be posted before the deadline

Half Credit

Students will receive half credit if they meet all but one or two of the above requirements. If you miss the deadline, send your image to me as an email attachment no more than 24 hours after the deadline.

Submitting your Text Introduction

The image below shows where you should add your text.

Upload your image file AND include the text introduction you wrote earlier. The highlighted text shows where to place the text.