Students will deliver a presentation on a zombie text that we are not covering in class. Grades will be based on the Speaking Criteria.

Somewhere in the presentation, address the following:

  • The text’s title, year of release, and key creatives
  • Its place within any larger franchise, story cycle, etc.
  • Details on the attributes of its zombies
  • Comparison(s) to assigned class texts
  • Something new in or about the text that we haven’t seen before
    [e.g. zombie attributes, plot, tone, motifs, form, etc.]
  • BONUS: An implicit or symptomatic reading of the text in terms of ideologies related to ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality, disability, age, socioeconomic status, and/or culture

The presentation’s organization should follow the three-part structure typical of effective presentations. Do not “organize” your talk by simply following the list above.

The required length is five minutes, excluding questions. Practice your presentation multiple times to ensure that it meets this length requirement.

Video Essay

The requirements are in flux for this project, in part because of ChatGPT.


We will have an in-class Exam 1 and Final Exam. These will include both multiple choice and short answer questions.