MALS 5800

This course examines the history and emerging theories and practices of Social Media, through the study and use of popular platforms including FaceBook, YouTube, and Twitter.

In summer 2016, this is a 100% online course.

Students enrolled in MALS 5800 are responsible for everything on the CMS 4610 home page, including the two books listed  in “Required Texts, Film, and Hardware.” Additional syllabus information is linked from the the “General Class Policies” menu, and full course materials are accessible to enrolled students through GA View.

Students enrolled in MALS 5800 will complete a research paper, and they also are responsible for all of the texts and most of the assignments from the undergraduate version of the course.  Additional requirements are listed below.

Additional Texts

No additional texts will be needed in summer 2016.

Research Paper

MALS 5800 students will complete both primary and secondary research on YouTube and video file sharing. This project will culminate in a research paper of approximately 20 pages. Details are available on the MALS 5800 Research Paper page.


For MALS 5800 students,  final grades will be determined using the weighted average presented in the following table.

MALS 5800: Percentages of Final Grade
Discussions and Participation 25 %
Quizzes 25 %
Twitter post 05 %
YouTube vlog script 05 %
YouTube Vlog posting 10 %
Research paper 30 %

Note that MALS 5800 students will complete a research paper and will not take the final exam. Except for these different assignments, all other information on the CMS 4610 Grades page also applies to students enrolled in MALS 5800.


Students with disabilities who require reasonable accommodations need to register with Disability Services in order to obtain their accommodations. You can contact them at 678-466-5445 or If you are already registered with Disability Services and are seeking accommodations for this course, please make an appointment with me to discuss your specific accommodation needs and give me your accommodations letter.