CMS 2010: Schedule

This schedule summarizes the Content modules available in our D2L site. The schedule is subject to change, so please check D2L Content and/or this page regularly to make sure that you have the most recent information.

Due Dates D2L modules
9-Jan Welcome to our class!
  Begin work on the assignments due Monday, Jan. 16, by 11:59 p.m.
16-Jan Time Lines
  Key Terms
23-Jan Introductions
  Evolution of Media
30-Jan Writing: The 4 C’s
  Writing Paragraphs
6-Feb Convergence
  Social Values
13-Feb Popular Culture
  Media Literacy
20-Feb Exam 1
  TV Storytelling
27-Feb Case Study: “The Big Bang” (Atlanta S1E1)
  Case Study continued
6-Mar Spring Break
  Spring Break
13-Mar Case Study 2: “Nobody Beats the Biebs” (Atlanta S1E5)
  Writing Exercises
20-Mar Focus 2 Career Assessment
  Careers in media
27-Mar Exam 2
  Evolution of Popular Music
3-Apr Music and Culture
  Music and Copyright
10-Apr Music Trends and Technology
  Mobile Internet 1
17-Apr The Merchants of Cool
  Social Media 1
24-Apr Social Media 2
1-May Public Relations
  Final Exam