Video Production and Editing

Steve Spence
Updated: 21 November 2019

Opportunities to Learn More

FILM 2400 Digital Imaging I
Introduction to camera-based imaging and editing
FILM 2420 Introduction to Field Production
Basic concepts as well as hands-on skills using hardware and software
FILM 3410 Lighting for Motion Pictures
Prerequisite FILM 2400 and FILM 2420
FILM 3420 Audio Production and Sound Design
Prerequisite FILM 2400 and FILM 2420
FILM 4410 Digital Video Production
The core production class (Prerequisite FILM 2100 and FILM 2420)
FILM 4450 Digital Video Post Production
The core editing class (Prerequisite FILM 2100 and FILM 2410 or FILM 2420)

Equipping for Lightweight Production

Planning a Video



Shooting Interviews: Set up

Set the camera up on a tripod and move it as little as possible.

In addition,

Shooting Interviews: A typical set up

Shooting Interviews: Conducting the Interview

Shooting Interviews: Scripts and Narrators

Shooting B-Roll and Other Sequences

In informational and news videos—even the most stylish—the camera rarely moves, or moves so slowly you'd barely notice.

In addition,

Composing Video Shots

Quiz question: What does this image illustrate?

Video Editing 1: Structuring the Story

Videos of any length are first and foremost stories, about interesting people and experiences.

A typical short video structure is detailed on page 365.

Video Editing 2: Tools and Techniques