La Haine

Steve Spence
Updated: 28 October 2021

Key Scenes

Timecode Scene Description
00:13:44 2-minute Steadicam shot
00:39:29 Hubert's bedroom -> DJ Cut Killer
00:45:43 B-boying
00:09:50 Vinz at home -> You Talking to Me?

Adam Krims from Black, Blanc, Beur: Rap Music and Hip-Hop Culture in the Francophone World

France is second only to the United States in the venerability of its scenes, the cultural influence of hip-hop, and its sophistication in the evolution of new artistic forms and cultural practices.

Other things to know about hip hop in France

  1. By the mid-1990s, France's hip-hop scene had embraced all four of the original "four elements"
    • MCing
    • DJing
    • Bboying
    • Graffiti Writing
  2. It's practiced mainly by members of immigrant communities from North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa
  3. North Africans are the largest ethnic minority in France, and they are also seen as a physical and cultural threat by many "native" French people
  4. In the late 1980s and 1990s, Kassovitz immerse himself in Paris's emerging hip-hop scenes.


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My article "Hip Hop Aesthetics in La Haine" (linked from the D2L Content module) includes a more thorough argument about hip hop's importance to La Haine.